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Newly elected executive of the WNCA May 03, 2014
Mr. Mahadev Rao
Mobile: 9873713006
Email: mahadevrao@yahoo.com
  Vice President
Mr.Raaj Dayal
Mobile: 9810174655
Email: raajdayal@gmail.com
Vice President
Mr. Rakesh Nagar
Moble: 9810094322
Email: rakeshcw@gmail.com
  General Secretary
Mr. Joginder Chawla
Mobile: 9810017796
Email: joginderchawla592@gmail.com
Joint Secretary
Mr. Vipin Kumar
Mobile: : 9818213451
Email: mailvipin@gmail.com
  State Secretary
Mr. S.N. Sinha
Mobile: 9810889396
Email: snsinhaht@gmail.com
Mr.Sondeep Shankar
Mobile: 9811063969
Email: saabpix@yahoo.com
Mr. Anamitra Chakladhar
Mobile: 9811161318
Email: anamitrachakladar@gmail.com
  Mr. N.S. Suresh
Mobile: 9873697976
Email: sureshns23@gmail.com
Mr. Mukesh Agarwal
Mobile: 9810216126
Email: Aggarwalm07@gmail.com
  Ms. Sarvesh
Mobile: 9910024495
Email: Sarvesh.photo@gmail.com
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Mobile: 09899092624
Email: dop.sanjay@gmail.com
  Mr. Kamal Narang
Mobile: 9810145782
Email: knnarang@gmail.com
Mr. Ranjan Basu
Mobile: 9810837698
Email: ranjanbasu@gmail.com
  Mr. Pramod Mathur
Mobile: 9891594662
Email: Mathur.pramod@gmail.com
Mr. H.C. Tiwari
Mobile: 9810893904
Email: Hctiwari56@gmail.com
  Mr. P.D. Valson
Mobile: 9810363997
Email: pdvalson@gmail.com
Mr. Raghu Rai
Mobile: 9810057909
Email: raghuraisindia@gmail.com
  Mr. P.K. Kapoor
Mobile: 9899027270
Email: Kapoor_prem@hotmail.com
Mr. Bhawan Singh
Mobile: 9810294990
Email: bhawansingh40@yahoo.co.in

Dear Member

The Honorable Minister I&B will inaugurate our fourth Annual Exhibition BIG PICTURE 2016 on 8th December 2016, Thursday at 3:45 pm at Lalit Kala Academy, Rabindra Bhavan, Mandi House, New Delhi.

The exhibition will stay open from 8th December 2016 to 14th December 2016 from 11a.m to 7p.m .

Click for Details

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